Skill Zone Definitions


Whether you're trying skiing for the very first time... taken a few years off... or, are a seasoned ski racer... WE LOVE THAT YOU'LL BE JOINING US!

Selecting the appropriate SKILL ZONE will help us plan your Ski-Away experience! Please spend some time reviewing the zones below ~ we want you to be in the group that is perfect for YOU!

and... if you have any questions, please call or email us.


Never-Ever Skied Before:

"This is my year & I'm gonna do this!"

You've NEVER put on a pair of ski boots! You are new to skiing and need to be introduced to every aspect of the sport. You will discover the excitement of skiing - - to feel the wind on your face and experience the freedom of gliding across the snow.



Discovering Green Terrain:

You have learned to link wedge or shallow beginning-parallel turns and are comfortable with a bit more speed and slope than at the Beginner Zone.

Comfortable on all Green Terrain & Easy Blue Terrain:

You have taken a break from skiing for a few years. You are learning to use the mountain as a playground and are starting to challenge yourself with more difficult slopes. You are either skiing most turns parallel, or are using a small wedge to start the turn and finishing the turn with a strong parallel. Most of your turns are skidded -- that's okay! You're moving on up!



Gaining confidence on Blue Terrain: 

You feel fairly comfortable in most snow conditions and on most terrain designated as "Blue Squares". You use a pole plant in every turn and ski parallel turns on all comfortable terrain. You have begun to use the side-cut of your skis and are beginning to explore carving more than skidding.

Comfortable on all Blue and Easy Black Terrain:

You can easily handle all Blue terrain on the mountain and are venturing onto easy Black runs. You can make long and short turns consistently and are carving more than skidding on comfortable terrain but, may revert to skidding when you get onto terrain that challenges you. You are fairly comfortable and competent in various snow conditions.



Masters of Black Terrain:

YOU ARE AN ADVANCED SKIER - - seasoned ski racer, enjoy some off-piste adventures, a dip into the moguls or the terrain park! You love any and all Black terrain and can get through just about any snow condition. You can make dynamic carved turns on most slopes and adapt to most situations that the mountain offers. You are a great skier but realize that you can always improve and become more versatile.

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